Explainer Video Showing What Claritum Do

This video is a short explainer video for procurement professionals who would like to know how our cloud spend management platform can help them to become more efficient.

In this explainer video we look at the case of Jim, a procurement specialist, who is having some problems with his suppliers and would like to be able to manage his work load more efficiently.

The problem

Jim works for a big organisation. But Jim’s has a problem. He’s very busy and is struggling to keep up with the demands on his time. His company has a lot of busy employees who all need different things from Jim.
Bob from HR is calling Jim because he needs to order some more employee handbooks, the last order fell short.
Tina from Marketing is at a Tradeshow, she’s unhappy because the mugs she ordered hasn’t turned up.
Now Jim has a meeting with his CPO who wants to know why the reports he has asked for are late.
Poor Jim, he is working hard to try to get the job done but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.
The problem is he’s spending more time trying to keep people happy and less time involved in strategic sourcing.
He’s cutting corners to get things done quickly. He’s over paying for goods, he isn’t keep track of what he’s spending and he’s making mistakes.
He needs to do something fast.

How Claritum can help

With Claritum’s cloud based spend management platform Jim can publish products and services to an online catalog for staff to order from on demand.
And Claritum routes the order directly to the supplier and takes care of processing the order and billing.
Claritum is cloud based and allows Jims colleagues to order products and services or access reports from anywhere.
So now Jim’s happy, because he has the time to focus on strategic sourcing, he’s on top of checking quality, reducing spend and he’s improving the overall quality of products and services.
Bob in HR is happy too. He can easily order his employee handbooks whenever he need them.
Even when he’s working from home.
Tina from marketing is happy too. This time her mugs have arrived at the trade show, and if she needs extra supplies whilst shes on the road she can do it whilst on the move.
And Jims CPO is happy, he’s seeing costs going down and quality going up. He can access reports in realtime whenever he needs them.

See for yourself what Claritum could do for your business.

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