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e procurement software

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How e procurement software can help your business

Claritum’s cloud based platform enables businesses to streamline procurement processes and get spend management under control whilst generating significant costs savings. Storefront’s can be implemented to allow the consumer style purchasing of goods and services which encourages early adoption of the platform by users. Claritum also allows you to implement purchasing controls to enforce compliance on buyers and bring the purchasing of complex products, such as printing and marketing, under centralized control. Buyers can rate and monitor supplier performance and access a variety of reports from your performance dashboard.  Automating processes saves your staff time and leads to improved efficiencies across your business.

Spend Visibility

Create Value

Control Costs

improve efficiency

Improve Efficiency

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Features and benefits of Claritum’s e procurement software

The intuitive web experience ensures users rapidly adopt the platform leading to improved spend compliance and full auditability. Localized purchasing can operate as a stand-alone e-procurement platform. Alternatively, it can be integrated into your current e-procurement workflow. Set controls on raising, issuing, and approving purchase orders while ensuring that the goods are ordered are the goods delivered.  Most importantly, generate significant savings on administration and management costs.

Monitor supplier performance ratings


Integrate with ERP to send requisition

Use specified delivery or create custom shipping address

Set spend limits and approvals workflow

Claritum's e procurement software

Claritum is trusted by over 150,000 users in 35 countries to deliver significant savings and efficiencies

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