Claritum Services are Available on the Digital Marketplace

Claritum eProcurement services can now be sourced through the Digital Marketplace. UK government agencies and partners can procure Claritum’s SaaS spend management services through the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 10 procurement framework.

The following Services are available through Digital Marketplace

  • Procure to Pay
  • Customer Catalogues (storefronts) 
  • Supplier Management
  • Sourcing (Request-for-Quote)



Driven by the desire to deliver more value to clients, Claritum has a wide category reach across complex spend categories such as Print, Packaging, Uniforms & Apparel, Gifts & Premiums, Signage & Display, Professional Services and other difficult to manage expenditure. This type of expenditure is typically manually sourced, highly unpredictable in nature, specification based, deadline driven and purchased from a wide range of specialist suppliers.

Claritum automates the entire process enabling faster and more compliant requisitions, orders, approvals, receipting and invoice management. 
  • Capture demand from across the organisation
  • Improve specification accuracy to reduce errors
  • Ensure only highly profiled approved suppliers are invited to bid
  • Get ‘live’ market prices from competing suppliers
  • Negotiate volume discounts
  • Make better buying decisions (evaluate price, quality, service & delivery)
  • Help suppliers improve – collaborate and share performance ratings
  • Monitor and analyse every transaction to drive savings and efficiencies

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