Multiple Currencies and Languages

Claritum’s eProcurement solution supports multiple currencies and languages

Multiple Currencies Supported

  • Claritum supports any currency.
  • Each customer and supplier can be set to up with a different currency.
  • A global currency is used as a reference point for exchange rates.
  • The customer invoices, supplier invoices and projects can all be set up in different currencies.
  • Suppliers can enter prices in their own currency and the administrators will see them in their selected currency.
  • The administrators can easily view records in any currencies.
  • Prices can be entered directly in the desired currency.
  • For Procurement Service Providers, the Customer Portal will show all prices in the customer’s currency.
  • Any quotes and Confirmations are sent in the selected user’s currency.
  • Any supplier Purchase Order can be sent to the supplier in their currency.
  • Administrator’s can view savings in any currency.

Multiple Languages Supported

  • Each administrator, customer and supplier can be set to use their own language.
  • Customer facing document templates are generated in the customer language.
  • Supplier facing document templates are generated in the supplier language.
  • Customers and suppliers see all pages in their chosen language.
Languages supported
  • – English (UK)
  • – English (US)
  • – German
  • – French
  • – Spanish
  • – Portuguese
  • – Other languages on request

Powerful Currency Management Capability

Get granular line item visibility for every transaction globally and real time, managing all the different currencies. Obtain reports in local or global currencies as needed.

Key language support

Claritum supports key languages and provides support for forms and documents in appropriate local languages. Suppliers can be engaged and managed using local languages.

Localized for Global Commerce

Manage your customers and suppliers locally, nationally and globally. Localized languages, currencies, time zones and formatting for cross border trading.

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