eProcurement in the Cloud

Claritum helps companies source, procure and invoice products and services.

Claritum’s eProcurement in the Cloud platform controls costs, automates processes & saves you money.

Claritum helps clients to streamline their sourcing, supplier management, catalog, procurement and invoice management of  products and services.

The intuitive and familiar web experience ensures rapid user adoption and increased spend compliance and full audit ability. Localized purchasing can be controlled centrally, ensuring procurement mandates, guidelines and best practice is adhered to. Claritum can operate as a stand-alone eProcurement in the Cloud platform or can be integrated into your current eProcurement workflow. You can set the controls on raising, issuing and approving purchase orders, and ensure that the goods ordered are the goods delivered, saving significant administration and management costs.

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Even with dedicated Strategic Sourcing, Corporate Procurement and Supply Chain Management experts, many organizations are still finding it difficult to understand and control their spend.

Reasons vary from organization to organization, although common issues include decentralization (with a spread of spend); quality standards that cannot be compromised; unique or custom requirements and time-line constraints.

As a result, premium pricing is often accepted at the job level meaning that complex categories are unable to benefit from cost savings and process efficiencies achieved by other categories under management.

Globally, these categories are worth around US$2tn with 80 per cent of complex categories purchased manually.

With savings of 30 – 40 per cent being possible (according to “Procurement Leaders”) and businesses typically spending between 1-3 per cent of their turnover on complex categories, it’s easy to see why Claritum’s easy to use, powerful, eprocurement platform is now the de facto choice for businesses globally seeking to get their complex category spend under control.

User Friendly

Claritum’s platform is easy to use. The intuitive process increases rapid adoption by users.

Fast to Implement

Our goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible. We deliver Fast Start implementations which can get you up and running in just a few days through to managed implementations for enterprise deployments.

Cost Savings of 30-40% possible

Control every penny of your complex category expenditure through our integrated online sourcing, procurement and invoicing platform.

Improves Efficiency

By automating processes and moving away from manual processes, efficiency is improved and your staff will be free to focus on other important tasks.

cloud spend management quick tour

Cloud Spend Management with sourcing tools to help you manage volume based deals.

Standardize pricing from approved suppliers for commonly ordered products and services.

Manage your suppliers with ease. Set up supplier profiles and monitor their performance.

Set up catalogs with an easy to use store front to capture orders and centrally control buying.

Claritum Invoicing can help you keep in control of your cash-flow.

Claritum reports allow you to access data about every transaction, globally and in real time.

Integrate with your existing systems for a smooth integrated workflow

Claritum’s cloud spend management is trusted by over 150,000 users in 35 countries to deliver significant savings and efficiencies

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faster approvals

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Claritum’s eProcurement in the Cloud system helped to prove my value to my boss and now I manage more categories than I could before.

Marketing Procurement Buyer


The Claritum system has been superb!

Jamie W


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