eWorld - March 2017

Claritum’s top ten 2020 predictions for Procurement

  1. Shortage of skilled and qualified Procurement professionals will drive further automation into Indirect Spend categories
  2. Procurement will come around to realise that it’s not about the automation. It’s all about the user experience of the automation
  3. AI will finally find its primary use in data cleansing and supporting analytics
  4. Focus on “green” initiatives will fuel procurement of items and services that have never been specified or purchased before. Stretching Procurement teams and driving the need to automate selection processes even further
  5. Blockchain will have limited niche applications
  6. Your costs will go up in some Indirect Categories of spend. The key will be to control by how much
  7. CPOs will get increased profile within the organisation, though they will not be able to shake the cost reducer label
  8. Brand image, associated with all purchasing decisions, will be high on the agenda
  9. The amount spent on consultants, focusing on spend reduction, will significantly reduce. Inline with investments in automation and analytics tools
  10. There will be another hype cycle for yet another technology that is going to fundamentally change the Procurement world in the next 5 years

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