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Wahooti London (Case Study)

The Challenge

Arguably one of the most innovative businesses to be found in the city of London, Wahooti London support UK and international clients such as Edelman, SapientNitro and WeWork to name a few.

Wahooti are experienced in delivering beautiful and uniquely crafted marketing products, so with their creative minds very much focused on developing new experiences, they have managed to build an impressive portfolio over the last few years.

As a creative production house with a rapidly growing portfolio, Wahooti decided they needed an automated solution to streamline their business, freeing them to focus on winning even more clients.

The Solution

Wahooti were looking for a solution to manage a vast diversity of work ranging from small jobs to complex and demanding projects involving various suppliers and specifications.

It was agreed there was an increasing need to source a streamlined yet comprehensive solution to support the business from the Customer experience (front end) to the Buyers and Suppliers (back end).

The new platform needed to be quick to implement and intuitive enough to ensure a seamless user adoption. It needed to be easily accessible, anytime, anywhere and ultimately enhance their client ordering experience.

Having recently won a contract with WeWork, themselves a multinational company providing working environments, communities, and services by transforming buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces, Wahooti needed to ensure they maintained a high standard of service for new and existing clients.

WeWork provided a new challenge; a fast growth multi-national business, opening new service office premises on a regular basis in North America and across Europe. Wahooti also needed a platform where products and services could be ordered directly by the customer, with little or no intervention from Wahooti at all. The new requirement needed to cater for repetitive orders and be tailored to the clients individual needs with minimal maintenance and without a chain of phone calls or emails.

Wahooti needed to juggle a vast array of creative projects through placing orders, managing supplier chains, to quoting and invoicing in one centrally managed, automated platform. Having previous experience of working with the Claritum solution, Wahooti decided that it would be a logical progression to get in touch.

The rapid implementation of Claritum made it an easy option to allow new customers to place their orders and receive delivery on time and at the agreed price with a minimum of interaction from the Wahooti team.

In order to address the need to process multiple repeat orders from WeWork, the new customer catalogue service from Claritum, was an obvious choice. This pre-populated customer catalogue provides WeWork with a personalised access point from which they are able to select various materials and delivery options from their own store front.

Wahooti were able to quickly set up and deliver, a Customer Catalogue, visually personalised with their own branding containing WeWorks own products and services.

The Result

Implementing the Claritum platform helped Wahooti to automate their business to serve 3 stakeholders; Customers, Suppliers and Wahooti themselves. By freeing themselves up to focus on growing their business, Wahooti’s day to day activities are taken care of quicker than ever before and with end to end visibility of the entire workflow.

Today Wahooti not only have a centralised system for managing orders, but a method of managing supplier relationships whilst still maintaining full financial visibility of every aspect of their daily business. WeWork can now log on to their own customer catalogue and build orders without lifting a phone or writing an email knowing the specs and costs are all pre agreed.

Claritum pride themselves on providing a fast, efficient customer support experience which starts from the on-boarding process through to integration, customisation and set up.