vr print Case Study

The Challenge

vr print offers an unbeatable range of products and services for the individual, small business, agency or corporation. They are an established, dynamic company specialising in Digital Print, Direct Mail & Print Management

vr print had been using Claritum’s supplier network capabilities to bid and win work, receive and process orders. However, due to the increasing demand from a number of clients, vr print management needed to automate inbound order processing via Claritum to deliver efficiencies but also to differentiate their offering and win more business.

The Solution

vr print’s technical team reviewed internal business requirements to understand the scope of the integration project. They then took an in depth look at Claritum’s web services API. Another team also assessed the business case for integrating Claritum into their workflow.

The volume and profile of orders was such that the benefits of automation were clear. The technical team had scoped the project to be a small number of days, which clearly demonstrated a return on investment would be achieved in a short time frame.

With the increasing volume of orders, came pressure on the ability to invoice efficiently and accurately. Vr print’s finance team use Claritum to ‘flip’ a PO into an invoice in just a few minutes – eliminating re-keying and errors. This approach helps to ensure timely and accurate billing with knock-on improvement in cashflow.

Additionally, the resultant increase in service levels and margin improvements, gave vr print’s management the business justification required to approve the project.

The Result

By integrating into the Claritum Supplier Network, vr print not only captures more volume at higher margin, it has released its people to focus on growing the share of client spend and compete for new business.

Vr print are now receiving and processing a growing volume and value of orders via the Claritum platform, with minimal manual intervention. Orders received are typically in production within 10 minutes of receipt. Once orders are ready to be shipped, they can automatically confirm goods dispatched and received by their clients.



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