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Training and Professional Education Organisation Case Study

The Challenge

Wilmington is a high profile publicly quoted Training and Professional Education company. Wilmington focuses on three key knowledge areas: Risk & Compliance, Professional and Healthcare.

The business needed to transform its outdated in-house production facility for producing training packs, seminar materials and other important documents.

The facility was located in high cost premises, maintenance costs on its elderly production equipment were growing rapidly, systems were not fit for purpose and staffing requirements were unpredictable due to the highly variable nature of demand.

It was critical to ensure that highly personalised document content was accurately produced specific to each training event and individual requirements. Order volumes were based on seasonal demand so ranged from 5,000 to 8,000 orders per month, with each order needing to be shipped to its location within strict deadlines – any where in the world.

As they operate under multiple brands and had global reach, the volumes and complexity of the requirement were significant, so finding the right provider who could provide a highly efficient order and fulfillment platform was a critical requirement.

The Solution

In conjunction with a global provider of business critical managed print services, Claritum’s online spend management platform was configured and deployed.

A key step to deliver end-to-end process automation was to integrate Wilmington’s event management system with Claritum’s ordering platform. This sophisticated integration enables dates and locations of training courses and events to be displayed to users within the ordering process on Claritum.

Authorised users at locations around the world access the Claritum catalogue to specify new requirements and order training course and time sensitive event based products and services. Claritum provides an intuitive online shopping experience to users and presents products and services relevant to each user profile. Users can select and order pre-approved products or specify new requirements within tightly defined guidelines. All orders are compliant to approved standards and budget approvals.

To further drive efficiencies Claritum routes orders directly into the approved supplier’s production workflow for print on demand items, removing time consuming manual intervention. For custom requirements, Claritum streamlines the supplier bidding process to ensure each job is competitively priced.

The Result

Each month between 3,000 and 8,000 orders are processed automatically. Releasing onsite and remote teams from manual order processing and fulfilment tasks to spend more time adding value.

Additionally Wilmington has been able to dramatically reduce premises and staff costs, whilst improving service response times and gaining access to more powerful data and process insights. They have simultaneously achieved significant cost savings and successfully outsourced a critical business process to a reliable partner. Improving services to their clients around the globe.


  • Better Pricing

    Claritum streamlined the supplier bidding process to ensure each job is competitively priced.

  • Improved Workflow

    Claritum delivered transactional data including job specifications, artwork, materials, quantities, cost, delivery information and schedules directly into the production workflow – with no manual intervention.

  • Reduced Errors

    Integrating both buy-side and supply-side systems allowed Wilmington to print on demand for time sensitive documents. Managing frequently changing content, eliminating errors and reducing the cost for repeat orders They could hold selected items in stock and replenish automatically and even efficiently manage their custom requirements all in a single cloud based platform.

  • Significant Savings and Efficiencies Achieved

    The Claritum solution manages the end-to-end process and provides unique breadth and depth of transactional data that allows the costs to be accurately controlled and deep insights into every penny of spend. The detailed and real time management reporting capability enables specifications to be analysed, costs to be assessed and service levels to be monitored.


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