Samurai Promotions Case Study

The Challenge

Samurai Promotions are a market leading promotional merchandising company delivering innovative, cost effective products to some of the most recognisable brands in the world. They have also grown to develop many other facets to their business giving them the ability to offer a mixture of services to align themselves to their client’s needs.

The challenge they faced was rapid growth in the business and their expansion into new markets that was placing additional demands on their resources. They needed additional process automation tools to allow them to scale more rapidly and ensure they continued their high level of service to their clients.

In addition Samurai needed to expand their web shop service to give their clients greater control and freedom with the management of their branded merchandise. Providing additional features such as real-time stock feeds and online ordering systems, all of which needed to be customisable by client to suit the specific needs of each client.

The Solution

The Claritum Enterprise platform provided the promotional product web stores and ordering platforms for Samurai’s Clients. Taking the daily order volumes that can then be consolidated and placed on suppliers or dispatched through one of Samurai’s warehouses.

The bespoke web stores (customer portal) are developed, designed and managed through the Claritum Enterprise platform and the platform provides an efficient ordering mechanism that allows control and management reporting for Samurai’s Clients. Plus, the solution provides additional features such as real-time stock feeds and online ordering, all of which can be customised to suit the Client’s needs.

The core platform is also supporting transactions in dual currencies of UK £ and US $ – these are the currencies in which transactions will ultimately occur, though for each franchise the currencies displayed are in many local currencies and in local languages.

In the case of Franchise Clients, the solution supports the opening of buying windows, so that these Clients have a window of time within which they can indicate their requirements, with Samurai overseeing and clients approving the orders that are ultimately placed towards suppliers.

An example of this Franchise approach is the trampoline related product catalog that is running on Claritum. You can see how this is promoted through the Samurai Trampoline website. Note: this is the Samurai promotional website, as only the franchisees can access the Claritum Enterprise platform directly.

As a key part of the Franchise solution offered, Samurai is able to offer restricted access to the Claritum Enterprise platform to their Clients to allow them to set up their own franchise catalog shop window. The Claritum solution allows for access rights to be provided at a granular functional level, so the Clients can be given access according to their capabilities at any given point in time. This gives Samurai’s clients greater control and freedom in the management of their branded merchandise.

The Result

Samurai is able to offer a secure platform where Clients can review, manage and distribute their stock that:

  • Is functionality tailored for the Client
  • is visible across all the Clients devices
  • is accessible from any location or geography
  • Provides Real-time stock inventory

Samurai is always seeking to innovate and develop the methods they use to help their clients be more efficient. The Claritum platform provides the base from which they can do this.

Samurai has expanded their operations into France and the Netherlands, with the Claritum solution supporting this expansion, with the system being accessible from the Cloud.

The web shop experience makes the client’s life easier: providing visibility, control and security that the Client needs to manage their orders around the clock. Through Claritum Samurai have been able to enhance the Client experience and deliver:

  • an Intuitive user experience
  • an interactive cloud service accessible when you need it
  • time and cost savings for their Clients

Plus, the Claritum solution supports Samurai’s business model to innovate and be flexible towards their Clients in supporting their business models.


  • Orders

    The Claritum platform allows Samurai to open buying windows to their customers and control what is required by their clients in any period. With called off deliveries delivered on time.

  • Customised web shop

    Claritum provides the customisation interface to allow Samurai or their Clients to generate a tailored shopping experience

  • Tracking and Reporting

    The Claritum platform tracks every transaction for detailed reporting and monitoring of stock levels.