Kadimah Print Case Study

The Challenge

Kadimah is a South African based family-owned business. For the past 25 years Kadimah has brought a complete print and branding solution to customers throughout the African continent.

Providing flyers, posters, brochures, magazines, catalogues, reports, textbooks, examination papers, stationery, boxes, labels, banners and signage. Plus, promotional gifts and corporate clothing. For example, for one national coffee chain they supply cup sleeves, packaging lines and other in-store point-of-sale products such as table talkers and posters. For good measure they also produce and embroider their ultra-cool staff hoodies!

The challenge Kadimah faced was rapid growth in the business and their expansion into new African markets. Their manual processes did not allow Kadimah to get quotations from their suppliers fast enough to support their clients.

To get quoted prices from suppliers and then to review these for customers and ultimately place orders on their behalf was taking days. It needed to be done within hours.

Plus, there was no visibility of sales activity: they lacked knowledge of the pipeline and performance of each sales representative.

Then, in addition, Kadimah had the challenge of trading in a multinational environment. Using many different currencies across Africa. Manually converting and checking currency rates was challenging to say the least and definitely prone to errors.

The Solution

The solution was to automate the process of requests, quotations and orders on the Claritum Cloud solution. Allowing Kadimah to automate their interactions with customers and suppliers. Ensuring that all currency transactions were effectively managed.

Trading in multiple currencies is managed and automated on the Claritum Enterprise platform.

The full Request for Quote Process is automated on the Claritum Enterprise platform and the responses on any related requirements for Kadimah’s customers is now defined in hours not days.

In addition, the Enterprise platform selects appropriate suppliers depending on the request. Ensuring that only those suppliers capable of supporting the request are asked to quote.

Specification Forms cover the range of products that Kadimah want to source and allow Kadimah to respond rapidly to customer requests. Kadimah can also quickly generate new Specification Forms from saved templates that they have generated.

For invoicing, Kadimah can create Sales Invoices and Supplier invoices from the Claritum Enterprise system and then export these into their Sage financial system.

All activity is tracked by sales representative, so that reports can be generated for each sales representative.

The Result

Kadimah can now store and manage the data for customers, suppliers and sales representatives all in one place.

Providing visibility of Kadimah’s Sales Representatives activity including:

  • The results they achieved for their customers
  • Margins achieved on a job by job basis
  • Prices and mark-ups (to calculate margin)

Kadimah customers have seen a better service response, that now includes multiple checks and balances on sourced items. Thus ensuring a smooth roll out of any new campaigns and price changes.

This across multiple country boundaries and using multiple currencies that is all managed within the Claritum Enterprise solution.


  • Tracking sales activity

    The Claritum platform allows Kadimah to track their sales activity and predict their business activity

  • Multiple Currencies

    Claritum supports multiple currencies, allowing Kadimah to develop their business across Africa.

  • Supplier quotations

    Claritum supports supplier quotations and selective supplier invitations to tender.