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Health Care Awarding Body Case Study

The Challenge

The client is the UK’s only specialist awarding organisation for the children, adult and health care sectors, with a portfolio of qualifications ranging from Entry to Level 5. Last year, over 150,000 learners registered with the organisation from over 1000 UK based Centres and overseas.

The company produce and distribute a wide range of literature, promotional products, stationery, books and similar products to support their training courses. Typically these products are required on an ad hoc, unpredictable basis and in small quantities. Dependent on the product type, orders need to be routed to a range of pre-qualified suppliers, including production and fulfilment providers. They needed an easy way to capture and process orders from their national network of trainers and assessors.

The Solution

To address frequently ordered, low average transaction value ordering, they integrated their existing company wide ERP system into Claritum’s cloud based spend management platform in partnership with a world leading provider of outsourced procurement services.

Approximately 1,500 Trainers and Assessors around the UK access the ERP on a regular basis to find and order the required products from a range of 250 line items. Daily order updates are automatically sent to Claritum via FTP including requisitioner, order and delivery details. Dependent on the order profile, Claritum seamlessly routes the transaction to pre-approved suppliers for fulfilment or production.

The Result

  • Cost Savings: 20%
  • Process Efficiencies: 30%
  • Reduced Errors: 15%
  • Improved Service Levels: 25%

The seamless integration between the Client’s ERP and the Claritum platform, enables large volumes of low value orders to be managed without manual intervention.

This order-to-pay automation has delivered significant cost savings, process efficiencies, reduced errors and improved service levels.


  • Stocked Products

    The Claritum platform creates picking and packing instructions for the relevant fulfilment provider to call off, monitors stock levels, generates replenishment triggers and tracks costs for billing purposes.

  • Print on Demand

    Claritum automatically creates work tickets detailing job specifications, delivery details, pricing information and sends to the winning supplier based on criteria such as location, price and capabilities.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    The Claritum platform tracks every transaction for accurate billing, detailed reporting and monitoring of service levels.


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