Cats Group Case Study

About Cats Group

Cats Group is a leading provider of managed services.

The Group operates from its main hub in Swindon and satellite locations around the UK including at client locations, managing onsite facilities under tightly specified service level agreements.

The Challenge

In partnership with an international process outsourcing business, CATS won an agreement to deliver high volume, same day production and shipping to a global knowledge services company.

The client company had demanding requirements. As a world leader in the provision training and education services to the Risk & Compliance, Finance, Legal and Insight sectors, CATS needed to quote, receive, process and ship orders to high quality and reliability standards within hours. The products in question were vital to the Client, so service levels were demanding.

Up until CATS involvement, The Client had been managing this business critical process internally with a large in house team and so the transition to CATS had to deliver significant cost savings and process efficiencies without disrupting services.

Fundamental to the success of the project was to ensure effective process automation, throughout any project activity with the client. The key challenge here was to link the client side ERP with the management tools used by the Service Provider and the CATS production facilities, with minimal manual intervention. All 3 parties operating different software platforms.

The Solution

CATS integrated with Claritum’s cloud based Enterprise solution. Not only was this platform already utilized already by the global service provider, it enabled the Client side integration with ERP needed to automate their initial requisitions.

The nature of the requirement required the orders to include detailed specifications, delivery details and other information needed to fulfill the order. CATS worked alongside the Claritum technical team to ensure a seamless workflow across all parties.

The Result

Claritum has enabled all parties to effectively collaborate on projects, eliminating administration and errors and providing real time management information to all parties.


  • Automated Ordering Process

    CATS now receive and process between 5,000 and 8,000 orders per month via the Claritum platform without any manual intervention. The orders are automatically queued for production, dispatch and billing.

  • Significant Savings

    This end-to-end process automation through Claritum’s cloud based platform delivers significant savings and maximizes efficiencies for the knowledge services client, the procurement services provider and CATS, the supplier.


orders per month


Manual intervention


error rate


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