Sustainability goals

As a growing business Claritum is committed to a sustainable future and doing our part in ensuring a sustainable future.

Claritum's sustainability focus areas

Reference: UN Sustainability Goals. Claritum’s key focus areas include:

  • Gender Equality and removing any inequalities
  • Industrial Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Responsible Consumption (specifically relating to our Carbon Footprint and recycling)
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth, including relating to Modern Slavery and ensuring we purchase ethically, with a focus on no plastic whenever possible

The following statements support our objectives:

Modern Slavery Statement

As a responsible and ethical business, Claritum has a zero-tolerance approach to all types of slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chains.

Gender Equality Statement

Claritum is passionate about creating a diverse, inclusive and agile place to work where everyone can be themselves and build a successful and fulfilling career.

Carbon Footprint Statement

Claritum as an SME has a small carbon footprint today. However, as a growing business, we are aware of the need to assess this footprint.

Claritum’s current estimated Carbon footprint is 3.98 tonnes of Co2e. Note: some of this has been offset and there is green energy used in the supply of energy that has not been accounted for in these numbers.