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The following partner list provides information on companies that work with Claritum and can offer services or capabilities that complement the Claritum offer. You can click and complete our contact-us form if you would like more information on any specific partnership.

James Meads Logo

James Meads helps manufacturing businesses to reduce costs, improve cash flow and increase their bottom line. With 17 years of procurement experience in multinational companies across 3 countries, James can improve margins and cash flow through better spend and vendor management.

Delivering real and visible savings to procurement teams and manufacturing business leaders. Specialising in FMCG, Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive industries.

Specialities: Consultancy, Vendor management, MRO, Logistics, Capex, Facility Management, Forklift Truck Fleet, Tail Spend Management.

Jame's talks about gains to be made in manufacturing spend

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Data Cubed Logo

Data Cubed offers services to build, analyse, visualise, automate, monetise and transform your data processes. They can help you to make data manageable. They can help you to make it accessible to everyone. And they can ensure that you save money and time.

Specialities: Data Consultancy, Predictive Modelling, Data Analytics, Data Business Tools, Customer Insight, Blockchain Data, Customer Segmentation, Customer Data, New Product Development, Data Visualisation, Dashboards, User Interfaces, AI, Machine Learning, HR Analytics, and Employee Data.

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Auditel logo

Auditel procurement specialists have been hand-picked to join Auditel due to their lifetime of experience gained during senior careers within their chosen area of expertise. They understand their clients business challenges, having worked in their sector implementing thousands of similar projects over the last 25 years.

They really know what ‘best value’ looks like and can uncover opportunities to reduce costs, improve supplier service & quality, and deliver innovation into your supply chain. Their knowledge and understanding of the supplier markets provide you with an enhanced negotiating position and by using their bespoke analytical tools and tendering processes, they can deliver impressive results quickly, with limited disruption or input needed by you and your staff.

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MA Procurement Ltd Logo

Mike Strubel, is an experienced professional that can provide strategic services that meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small start-ups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth.

MA Procurement Ltd is a North London based Procurement Consultancy that has been delivering solutions to clients since 2000. I can offer an impressive portfolio of Professional Consulting Services that are completely customisable for your business.

Specialities: Management Consulting. Strategic planning, Category Transformation, Interim Procurement.

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Neeta Solanki Logo

Neeta Solanki, is about helping Businesses to transform ideas into financial success, by mentoring and coaching them to increase profit. Get smarter in business, get smart with the numbers and helping to turn website visitors into Customers.

Neeta Solanki, is a Business Consultancy, with a mission to mentor and individual coaching to Entrepreneurs and Teams using proven Success Accelerator Programme. Understanding what the economy demands with more efficient business processes, adopting ways of getting smarter as well as a positive mindset. Our team consists of qualified Management Accountants who have knowledge and experience earned through working with small and large businesses.

Specialities: Consultancy, Business Processes, Process Improvement, Business Coaching, Mentoring, and Wellbeing.

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