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Your Challenges Claritum

Claritum solves the complex spend problem

Every year, companies make millions of purchases that are too small to be handled by procurement or too infrequent to be included in a single vendor catalog.

With the challenging economy, increasing value of commoditized spend under management and availability of specialist sourcing platforms, now is a great opportunity to take a closer look at your complex expenditure.

Suppliers are often keen to bypass official procurement processes and employees often find them a burden to be avoided. In 80 per cent of businesses, these categories are often sourced manually using Internet searches, phone, fax, and email, allowing them to bypass the mandated rules or purchasing guidelines.

Some categories of expenditure are just harder than others. The complexity could be a result of the high purchase frequency, the low average order value, the importance of specification accuracy, manual sourcing processes from a large number of small (often local) suppliers, the short response and delivery times or the fact that demand may be spread across an organization.

Whether you outsource marketing, print, packaging, computer and IT consumables, we help you find the highest quality for the best price price. First time, every time. No more complicated, time-consuming manual research.

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