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Spec, Bid and Buy

To address the complexities of day-to-day buying, Claritum’s sourcing tools provide a unique combination of spot buy RFx’s and contract pricing for volume based deals.
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Leverage your Spend Volume

Leverage volume based pricing from approved suppliers. Pre-negotiate and publish pricing for commonly ordered products and services.
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Manage Your Suppliers

Claritum’s supplier management tools help you to find new suppliers, onboard and manage your approved suppliers. View supplier profiles, monitor their performance and ensure the right supplier is selected every time.

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Intuitive Catalogs for online Shopping

Give your employees an intuitive online shopping experience. Capture orders, aggregate demand and centrally control local buying from multiple approved suppliers with easy to use, highly configurable storefronts.
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procurement procure-to-pay

Streamline Procure-to-Pay

Automate sales order and purchase order procurement processes enabling faster and more compliant requisitions, orders, approvals and goods receipting.
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Control Costs and Improve Cashflow

Take control of your costs. With Claritum Invoicing, you will always know where you are and what’s pending and what’s outstanding, keeping you in control of your cash-flow.
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Release the Power of Your Data

Get granular line item visibility of every transaction globally and real time. Share management reports, performance dashboards and analytics with customers, suppliers and co-workers.
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Global Enterprise Cloud

Claritum’s enterprise cloud platform gives you a secure and scalable platform with guaranteed high availability – it’s a great place to do business.
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Expert Service Desk

Release your expert buyers from administration to efficiently collaborate with customers and suppliers. Provide advice, assistance or a fully managed service to customers.
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Access and Admin

Centrally control your team’s access and permissions locally, nationally and globally. Onboard and manage your customers and suppliers quickly and easily.
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Global Supply Chain Automation

Integrate with buy-side financial and procurement platforms and supply-side fulfillment and production workflow through comprehensive web services.
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Localized for Global Commerce

Manage your customers and suppliers locally, nationally and globally. Localized languages, currencies, time zones and formatting for cross border trading.
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