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Procurement as a strategic advisory resource

Procurement needs to transform and continue to transform to align to the business. Procurement has to move away from a transaction based function and become an advisory resource. A 3-dimensional purchasing organisation is needed to achieve this

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Claritum’s catalogue functionality provides users with branded access to products that can be sourced from multiple suppliers around the world alongside specialist or preferred local vendors. Your users, or customers, will be able to source anything, any time,...

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For users on the road, key capabilities are all accessible via a mobile device. Users can access catalogues to purchase items and management can monitor transactions, view dashboards and enter approvals 24x7, wherever in the world they are located. With an increasing...

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Automated Order Processing (AOP)

Claritum’s Automated Order Processing (AOP) removes the need for manual intervention when processing orders. When enabled this capability streamlines the selection of a supplier, selects the contracted price for the order, raises the relevant purchase order, routes...

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Enhanced Supplier Management

Claritum’s supplier management capabilities enable Category Managers to add potential suppliers and classify them according to their capabilities, including things such as accreditations, performance data and markets served. Access to these suppliers can then be...

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App Store

Search, find and instantly enable hundreds of 3rd party tools within Claritum’s own App Store. The App Store includes pre-integrated tools and online services to streamline your processes and add value to your business. Apps include approvals, courier pricing &...

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Suppliers of stocked and configurable products can manage their own inventory. Vendors can add new stock items, confirm pricing and delivery information, update stock levels and dispatch capabilities in real time. This significantly reduces the overhead on the...

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Centrally control multiple territories. Claritum helps companies transact with buyers, service providers and suppliers internationally. The platform enables users to transact in multiple languages, currencies and time zones and handles cross border trading...

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Real Time Data Analytics

Claritum's data analytics provides an opportunity to dive deep into your transactional data to uncover powerful business insights. Identify savings opportunities, predict trends early and get a deeper understanding of your expenditure and supply chain performance....

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Data analysts can view benchmark data on over $3bn of products and services sourced from millions of transactions over 10 years. The data is generated by the Claritum platform and anonymised to protect the vendors and provides a high level benchmark for broad product...

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Supplier Self Service

Claritum’s solution enables suppliers to manage their own online profile, receive bid requests and submit their responses. Suppliers can also be enabled to manage orders, invoices and receive valuable information on performance, such as win/loss ratios, reason for...

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Project Workflow

Different product categories often require different workflows, so the Project Workflow functionality allows you to set up workflows with the right milestones for each product or service category. Using a combination of optional or mandatory milestones you can ensure...

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Profiles and Approvals

Using the powerful profiling tools you can create different 'views' for all users of the system. Specifically for catalogue users you can ensure that they see only the specific items they should be seeing. You can create that branded 'virtual' catalogue for user...

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Predictive Ordering

With the increasing power of Analytics, Claritum can predict out of stocks or replenishment requirements in advance of the need – giving users early notification of where to re-order or not. This capability is already proven to drive significant savings, eliminate...

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Capture inbound requisitions from users, clients, sales or client facing managers. Provide a structured methodology for capturing new requirements including user permissions, process management, mandated and optional content and a full audit trail to monitor date /...

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Market Pricing

For users wanting to see how well they buy, Claritum provides market pricing. Market Pricing enables buyers to view the lowest price available from a pool of anonymised suppliers alongside prices provided by approved suppliers. Buyers can then assess how their current...

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Vendor Managed Pricing (VMP)

Claritum’s Vendor Managed Pricing (VMP) gives suppliers the capability to publish their own rate card pricing. VMP enables suppliers to set pricing for standard products, provide options such as enhanced specifications or quicker delivery and provide promotional...

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User Access

Access the system from anywhere at any time. All major browsers are supported, so there's nothing for you to install to your device (you probably won't need to bother your IT department) and it doesn't matter if you're a Mac or PC fan; you can use either or any...

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