Reporting and Analysis

Granular visibility of every penny of every transaction
Reporting and Analysis Claritum

Make better decisions, faster

Get granular line item visibility of every transaction globally and real time. Share management reports, performance dashboards and analytics with customers, suppliers and co-workers.

Granular Visibility

Claritum provides unique granular visibility of every penny of every transaction, globally and in real time. Enabling you to make better decisions, faster. For actionable business intelligence, Claritum enables users to create, manage and publish powerful management reports for all key management functions. Monitor demand, gain insights into spend under management, track operational efficiencies and keep a close eye on suppliers and spending.

Real Time Reports and Dashboards

View real time graphical performance dashboards with high impact visual tools to help improve performance and focus on KPIs.

Dive deep into the data. For business analysts, slice and dice transactional data to uncover real value and identify opportunities for improvement.

powerful platform

of data points

global coverage

never miss a thing


Real Time Reporting

24×7 global visibility of every transaction

Powerful Reports

Help you make better decisions, faster

Focus on KPIs

With high impact visual tools


Best Practice

Align customers and suppliers to best practice


Flexible Customisable Real Time Reports

Capture, Report and Analyse

Customer demand, spend with suppliers, operational efficiencies and KPIs.


User and Transaction Audit Trail

Static and drill down reports, graphical dashboards and alerts.

Customise Reports

Set parameters such as start-end dates and segment data

Customise Appearance

Brand and layout reports for improved impact.

Graphics and Charts

Option to output report as a chart or graphic.



Integrates with leading Business intelligence engines.


Analyse Transaction Level Data Cubes

Specifications, estimates, quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, P&L and service levels.

Supply Chain Visibility

Gain visibility of entire supply chain including customers, service providers and suppliers.

Claritum is trusted by over 150,000 users in 35 countries to deliver significant savings and efficiencies

Reporting and Analysis Claritum
Reporting and Analysis Claritum
Reporting and Analysis Claritum
Reporting and Analysis Claritum
Reporting and Analysis Claritum
Reporting and Analysis Claritum
Reporting and Analysis Claritum
Reporting and Analysis Claritum

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