Claritum have updated their corporate website to reflect the expanding nature of the product and service offering.

The website ( is targeted at an increasingly international audience. With the growth in demand for Claritum’s sourcing and procurement platform coming increasingly from North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, the site is being extended into additional languages and geographies from its current English.

As Claritum’s platform expands the range of expenditure categories from print, packaging and related services to a wider range of complex expenditure such as raw materials, electronics, building materials and foodstuffs and other products and services, the new website can be easily updated and targeted to specific industry sectors.

Similarly, the site enables improved targeting of Claritum’s products and services to specific audiences. For Claritum’s Enterprise sourcing, procurement and invoicing platform, the website helps decision makers research and learn about Claritum’s offering during what can be lengthy purchasing cycles.

The site which was launched at the end of August, includes easy registration, access to white papers and demo platforms as well as a procurement review, key usage metrics and contact details for our UK and US offices.

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