Simplicity is beauty in the crazy world of procurement automation

  • Claritum’s cloud solution simplifies the procurement process. Enabling more efficient and effective order capture, aggregation of demand, spend management and central supplier control.
  • With easy to use, plus highly configurable, catalogues and RFx forms. Providing an intuitive user interface for employees to make their own purchases and progress orders.
  • Reporting and analytics completes the solution: enabling senior management, category managers and users to access key real time and historical data.


Your sourcing events, procurement and catalogues streamlined

with Claritum’s eProcurement in the Cloud solution

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Home Claritum

To achieve significant and sustainable savings and efficiencies

Enable employees, procurement experts and suppliers

to collaborate efficiently to maximise on savings opportunities

$ Sourced

Live bids



Claritum’s Procurement Platform

is trusted by over 150,000 users in over 70 countries to deliver significant, sustainable and measurable savings

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Home Claritum
Home Claritum
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Home Claritum
Home Claritum
Home Claritum

Combine your tenders, requests and catalogues in an integrated buying portal for your users or customers

Manage Multi-Buyer Sourcing Events on Claritum

Get centralized real time visibility, control and compliance over all your purchases, with Claritum’s eProcurement in the Cloud platform.

You can deliver on significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings.Transform your organisations processes for sourcing, procurement and invoicing for all your purchased products and services.

Automate source-to-settle processes

Your ordering, approvals, deliveries and billing can be streamlined all in one platform. Integration to your current financial and procurement platforms is supported across a wide range of systems. Plus, there is integration APIs for supply-side warehouse, fulfilment, production and logistics systems.

Develop your own Intuitive catalogs

Tailor to your users and brand their portals, so they only see what you want them to see (menus and purchasable items). Centrally control local buying with easy to use, highly configurable catalogues and bid requests. Enabling your employees to buy from multiple approved suppliers. Plus, you can capture orders and aggregate demand.

Expert Service Desk

Release your expert buyers from administration to efficiently collaborate with customers and suppliers. Provide advice, assistance or a fully managed service within or external to your organisation..

Custom & Catalog Pricing

Manage your custom bids. Pre-negotiate rate cards for standardised products and services. Contract with preferred suppliers, monitor performance in real time and ensure compliance.

Real Time Granular Data Reporting

You have real time access to dashboards and granular line item visibility of every transaction locally, nationally and globally. Management reporting, performance dashboards and analytics are accessible to your departmental managers, suppliers and to service providers.

Local, National and Global Deployments

Whatever size your organisation is, you can manage your users/customers and suppliers locally, nationally and globally. Localized languages, currencies, time zones and formatting are supported for your cross border trading.

Secure Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Reliable, secure and scalable environment for you to collaborate with your customers and suppliers.

Updates and Support

Ongoing updates managed in the Cloud and access to best in class support

Training and User Education

An Intuitive user experience combined with an online help and knowledge base helps users to adopt the solution and Claritum provides Super User training to support your implementation.

Quick Start

Grow adoption in days, see financial benefits in weeks. Rapidly deploy to your team, onboard customers and suppliers and start trading.

Predictable Costs Aligned to Your Needs

Low upfront costs and predictable monthly fees aligned to your success. Chose the plan that works for you.

Tailored to Your Requirements

The solution can be configured or customized to your needs. Our Client Success Team can assist in getting you up and running quickly and efficiently. Plus, provide the necessary insight into configuration of the automated process.

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