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Agile Spend Management in the Cloud

User centric purchasing automation for complex spend

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Procurement Visibility and Control

Gain visibility and control of your unpredictable, low order value expenditure globally and in real time.

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Digital Marketplace

Claritum services can now be sourced through the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 10 procurement framework.
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Tail Spend White Paper

An introduction to Tail Spend and Why You Need a Cloud Based Solution


The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018, find out what Claritum has done on GDPR.

  • Standardizing and automating routine purchasing tasks to achieve significantly higher ROI

  • The average procurement full-time equivalent (FTE) manages more than  300 suppliers (with over 85% in the tail) and more than 2,500 purchase orders per year

  • The average procurement professional spends 58% of their time on non-strategic work (Spend Matters)

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Automate source-to-settle processes

Streamline ordering, approvals, deliveries and billing, all in one platform. Easy integration to current financial and procurement platforms and supply-side warehouse, fulfilment, production and logistics through our comprehensive web services API.

Develop your own Intuitive catalogs

Centrally control local buying with easy to use, highly configurable catalogues. Enable employees to buy from multiple suppliers. Capture orders and aggregate demand.

Expert Service Desk

Release your expert buyers from administration to efficiently collaborate with customers and suppliers. Provide advice, assistance or a fully managed service within your organisation or to external customers for your Indirect Spend.

Custom & Catalog Pricing

Manage custom bids. Pre-negotiate rate cards for standardised products and services. Contract with preferred suppliers, monitor performance in real time and ensure compliance.

Real Time Granular Data Reporting

Real time access to dashboards and granular line item visibility of every transaction locally, nationally and globally. Management reporting, performance dashboards and analytics accessible to departmental managers, suppliers and to service providers.

Local, National and Global Deployments

Whatever size of organisation or procurement service provider you are, you can manage your customers and suppliers locally, nationally and globally. Localized languages, currencies, time zones and formatting are supported for cross border trading.

Every year, companies make many purchases in their Indirect Spend category that are too small to be handled by procurement or too infrequent to be included in a single vendor catalog. The overhead associated with these purchases within procurement, finance and also within departments making these purchases, is substantive. Plus, there is a missed opportunity for significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings.

Claritum’s cloud based spend management platform provides centralized visibility, control and compliance over frequent low value or single one off purchase local buying. Resulting in real time visibility and compliance of every transaction, locally, nationally and globally of these products and services, often referred to as ‘Tail Spend Management‘. Claritum’s spend management platform transforms the process for sourcing, procurement and invoicing for Indirect Spend products and services. Delivering on significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings on what typically accounts for 20% of an organisations spend.

Tail Spend Management categories are often characterized by frequent, low value orders, often placed by large numbers of inexperienced employees under time deadlines. Employees often find enterprise ERP/Procurement too cumbersome and slow to manage tail spend purchasing. Products and services such as marketing print, packaging, uniforms and apparel, gifts and premiums, facilities, temporary labor and many others represent over $2trillion of expenditure globally and yet 80% of businesses source these categories manually (online search, phone and email) resulting in errors, inefficiencies and lost savings opportunities of between 15% and 30%. It is these manual processes that prevent most organizations from gaining the visibility and control they need to effectively manage their expenditure.

Claritum enables employees, procurement experts and suppliers to collaborate efficiently. Users can specify accurately, request and evaluate bids from suppliers, streamline purchasing, get approvals, receipt goods and process invoices with minimal manual intervention. Claritum integrates easily with buy-side ERP and financial platforms and supply side estimating, production, warehouse and fulfilment systems to automate the entire source to settle process. Claritum is trusted by global enterprises, regional businesses and procurement service providers to deliver significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings and process efficiencies.

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5 Pillars of Effective Supplier Management

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A List of Must Read Procurement White Papers

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5 signs you have a tail spend problem

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5 Steps to Procurement Maturity

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Claritum’s Procurement Platform

is trusted by over 150,000 users in 35 countries to deliver significant, sustainable and measurable savings

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Secure Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Claritum’s global enterprise cloud platform provides a secure, reliable and scalable environment for you to collaborate with your customers and suppliers.

Free Updates and Support

Ongoing free updates and 24 x 7 x 365 access to best in class support to help you maximise your return on investment.

Free Training and User Education

Intuitive user experience combined with super user training and access to online self-paced learning, knowledge base and user community support.

Quick Start

Deploy to your team, onboard customers and suppliers and start trading in just a few hours. Grow adoption in days, see benefits in weeks.

Predictable Costs Aligned to Your Needs

Chose the plan that works for you: unlimited usage or unlimited users. Low upfront costs and predictable monthly fees aligned to your success.

Tailored to Your Requirements

For enterprise clients Claritum can be configured or customized to your needs. Our Client Success Team can assist in getting you up and running quickly and efficiently.

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Considerations when choosing a print procurement system

Of the £94.5 bn spent annually on print in Europe it is estimated that between 25% and 30% of this is wasted through manual ordering process, poor procurement practices and process inefficiencies. This waste can be eliminated by adopting a Print Procurement System. This white paper provides recommendations to aid in the analysis and selection of a print management solution.

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